01.02.17: Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone! 2016 was quite a whirlwind as you can tell by my inability to update this site as much as I would like.

The second Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter was a success. Backers funded Torta-shell, a chocolate cake cat and the other two Mewcarons (purple and green). The plush are currently on their ocean voyage to my place and I'll be working as hard as possible to get them all out the door to backers and pre-orders by the end of January.

So what else happened last year? In addition to the usual run of cons, I also put in a bunch of new plush designs to the factory for prototyping. You'll see many of these (hopefully) come to life this year. I'm really excited for what is in the line up, including a return of the Punny Buns.

I'm kicking off 2017 right away with SacAnime Winter. You can find me in the front of the dealers' hall January 6-8. Right after that, I'll be flying off to Ohayocon for my first time selling in their artist alley. If you want to see a full list of my confirmed cons for this year, check out the events page.

09.20.16: Second Purrista Kickstarter Live

Just a quick update here before I have to run off to my full time job. Due to popular demand, 2016's second Kickstarter is for the rest of the Purrista Pawfee plush! Torta-shell and the Mewcarons are now up for funding! We have until October 20 to reach our goal. Anything helps - pledges, sharing on social media and good old word of mouth.

07.29.16: Quick Updates

This year has blown by incredibly fast. So fast that my last news update was a year ago. Yikes.

So what's been going on? Had a bunch of good cons with SacAnime Winter, Anime Boston, Fanime, AX and CatCon. Also tried out a small local event which was a lot of fun and hope to do it again. With the main product focus being plush, this means I've been putting in serious mileage on the sewing machine and not doing much else.

I also ran a successful Kickstarter in January which funded three of my Purrista Pawfee coffee kitty plush. The plush are currently instock and can be found in my Storenvy shop. Due to popular demand, I'm getting ready to launch another to fund a few more of the Purrista series. Look for information coming soon to the Kickstarter link above. Once the campaign launches, that link will autodirect to the live Kickstarter. We are aiming to launch in September.

If you are in the Baltimore area, come see me in the artist alley in about a week and a half for Otakon. For those of you in California, I'll be back to dealers at SacAnime Summer on Labor Day weekend.

09.7.15: And That's a Wrap. Thank You!

Just wrapped up a very successful SacAnime Summer. I had an amazing time and far exceeded my sales goal. I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and helped support my business. I'll be investing the money into future projects for 2016. I've also secured my spot for the winter show. I'll be back in the vendors area in my same location in January.

This actually wraps up my convention season for 2015. It's been a very successful year and very busy! I haven't had time to keep the blog updated where I review the cons I do, but here's a short summary - it's been an incredible ride. I'm going to try to get it updated here in the next few months before I start the 2016 run in January.

Now, it's time to get stuff ready for the holidays and fill some orders. I'm also getting things ready for the next Kickstarter. Yes, you heard correctly, I'm launching another plush project. This one will feature the characters of the Kitté Café - adorable cats mixed with coffee culture. Normally, I wouldn't launch so close to wrap up of the previous one, but I hope to have the plush for CatCon 2016 so January it is. Hope you'll be there for what should be a really fun project!

08.25.15: SacAnime and Where Did the Summer Go?

Well, I've been greatly remiss in keeping up with this page this summer. It's been a whirlwind of activity.

Punny Buns plush have wrapped up production and are due to arrive in October. This is a little later than estimated, but not by much. I'll be getting the rewards out to backers as fast as I can once they arrive. You can still pre-order Punny Bun plush, by heading over to the Storenvy site to place your order for Honey, Hammy or Steamy (as they've been nicknamed)! Pre-orders will go out in the rewards batch so you can be some of the first to get one of these super cute bunnies.

Labor Day weekend, I'll be holding my first dealers booth for SacAnime Summer. Come see me at booth C2, right in the front of the dealers area! I'll have a ton of plush and might even have the Catpuccinos for sale at con!

Speaking of Catpuccinos - after much chaos and missed deadlines due to the factory not being accountable, they are FINALLY here. Well, almost. The factory sent them to Florida. I'm in California. I'm currently working with my friend to get them sent to me so I can start filling orders. I want to thank everyone for their patience in what has been a huge learning experience. I'll be writing a full blog about the experience and lessons learned soon.

I'm also prepping for the next Kickstarter. I'm hoping to get funding for smaller Catpuccinos and all his buddies from the series I've called the Kitté Café. With full funding, I'll be able to increase the plush line at Kimchi Kawaii to include these cute cat and coffee mashups. Stay tuned!

06.01.15: Con Season in Full Swing

The Punny Buns Kickstarter was a huge success and both Honey Bun and Hamburger Bun plush were funded. AND we had enough interest and pre-orders to get Steamed Bun going as well. The plush have been paid for and now we wait as they are produced and shipped. We are on track to start shipping them to backers and pre-orders in September.

If you're interested in pre-ordering one of the Punny Bun plush, head over to the Storenvy site to place your order for Honey, Hammy or Steamy (as they've been nicknamed)!

Since the last update, I had my second successful dealers booth at FanimeCon last week. I'm signed up already for another booth in 2016! This weekend, I'm heading to a brand new event called CatCon LA. It's being billed as something like comic con for cat lovers. I'll be selling my cute puns and plush with emphasis on the Kitté Café (formerly Coffee Cats) designs. It looks like a lot of fun!

After that, I'll be in the artist alley for both Anime Expo and Otakon. There is a possibility that I'll be selling at Stockton Con, but I haven't heard if I've made it of the wait list. I'll close out the 2015 con season with a dealers booth at SacAnime Summer on Labor Day weekend. And then it will be time to pump up the shops for the holiday rush! I had a big one last year, so I want to be prepared this time around.

04.27.15: LAST WEEK: Punny Buns Kickstarter

The Punny Buns Kickstarter is now in it's last week. The project will end, Monday, May 4, 2015 at 8PM PST. Don't miss out on your chance to get some limited edition Punny Bun items and help put these cute plush into production!

It's been an amazing run so far. Backers helped fully fund Honey Bun in about a week. Shortly after that, we unlocked the Clear File folders that will feature Bunjour. We are now working on getting the Hamburger Bun plush funded and have little more than 20% left. All fully funded plush will be options for backers at plush levels.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all who have helped by pledging and/or spreading the word. Let's finish this one strong! May the fourth be with us!

03.31.15: Punny Buns Kickstarter

After months of work, I'm happy to announce that the Punny Buns Kickstarter is now LIVE! I have a lot of really fun backer rewards, some of them exclusive to this project. Once full funding is reached before the deadline, I also have more plush lined up for stretch goals. The Kickstarter will run until 8pm PST, Monday, May 4, 2015 so don't miss out!

In other news, I'm getting ready to head out to Anime Boston. I'll be at table U76 in the front of the artist alley. Come see me and give Honey Bun and Sweet Bun a hug!

01.25.15: Con Schedule Update

I'm sorry to announce that due to circumstances outside my control, I will not be selling at Katsucon this year as planned. My next con on the East Coast will be Anime Boston in April.

In other news, nearly all Sweet Dreams Kickstarter plush have been mailed and I'm getting really fun notes and pics from people who've received their plush. If you were a backer and haven't yet answered your survey with your shipping address, please do so! I have a few who haven't answered so I can't get rewards to you guys!

Catpuccino pre-orders have been extended. I realized that ending the pre-order at the end of the month was a bit rough for those waiting on pay periods. It has been extended to Feb. 6. Don't miss out on your chance to save $5 and get the free Coffee Cats button set. ALSO - everyone who pre-orders will be put into a random drawing to win an additional plush of their choice from the current stock (including Catpuccino). Head over to the Storenvy site to order today!

01.14.15: Sweet Dreams Update

The Sweet Dreams plush are on their way and due to arrive Friday, January 16, 2015. I'm really excited to get them out to all the super patient backers. This has been a learning experience and we ran into some delays along the way, but we are finally reaching the finish line. I'll start processing and sending rewards out in waves starting next week.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can head to the Storenvy shop and order your plush now! I'll do my best to get them out with the backer rewards so you can be among the first to own this cute addition to the Kimchi Kawaii family.

Catpuccino Pre-orders Ending January 31, 2015!
You can place an order through my Storenvy site. Don't miss out on your chance to save $5 and get the free Coffe Cats button set.

And the winner is...
The Punny Buns took the votes, but it was VERY close. They will be featured in the next Kickstarter, scheduled to launch April of this year. Head to the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page to keep up with the latest and see prototypes as the photos come in. Honey Bun and Sweet Bun are prototyping right now so pictures should be arriving early February.

12.28.14: Catpuccino Pre-Order and Voting

Catpuccino, the first of my Coffee Cats pre-order event is live!
You can place an order through my Storenvy site. I would like to place the order by the end of January with an estimated arrival date of late March/early April.

Want to help decide what the next big Kimchi Kawaii project will be?
Head to the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page and vote in for either the Coffee Cats or Punny Buns (cute little bread bunnies). The winner will move on to a crowdfunding project in Spring of 2015 to become plushies.

Voting ends January 2nd, 2015

**Note: Catpuccino is already in pre-order and will not be affected by the outcome of this poll.

Con season starts right after the new year on January 2nd. I'll be at SacAnime's winter show in the artist alley.

12.11.14: Con Season and Product Expansion

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season. It's been busier than ever here as I work to make 2015 another awesome year.

Con season starts right after the new year on January 2nd. I'll be at SacAnime's winter show in the artist alley. February I fly to Katsucon for my first time there. And I just paid for my table at Anime Boston! Yep, I got off the wait list and will once again have a pro-row spot. I'm so excited to be going back.

I'm also working hard to expand my plushie offerings. In March of 2014, I started sewing plushies and they've taken off like crazy. I'm barely keeping up! I'm going to be prototyping a bunch of new ones in the beginning of the year. Photos will be posted to the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page as I get them.

One of them is already here! Catpuccino, the first of my Coffee Cats will be funded through a pre-order event that will kick off on Monday, 12/15/14 through my Storenvy site. I'll make an announcement here and post the link.

I'm still waiting on the Sweet Dreams Strawberry plushies that were funded through the successful Kickstarter in August. Once they arrive, backer rewards will go out and I'll be carrying them at my 2015 cons. They will also be for sale in the Storenvy shop as well.

11.12.14: Holiday Shipping Deadlines and Sales

Well, my 'off season' is officially 'off', lol! I had a brief rest and then it was back to work for the holiday shopping season. I'm working hard to get the shops updated and line up my promotions.

I'm going to be running two big sales Thanksgiving weekend in my Storenvy shop. The Small Business Saturday sale will take place on Saturday, November 29, 2014. Customers can get free shipping with code SMALLBIZ. On Cyber Monday, I will be offering 30% off storewide (also in the Storenvy only) with code StorenvyFlash30. These are the two biggest sales I've done with Kimchi Kawaii for the year. Don't miss out!

I also wanted to mention holiday shipping times. In order to get your items by Christmas, domestic orders must ship out by December 15 and International orders by December 1st. This is for the Storenvy shop only with standard post. The Zazzle and Redbubble shops will have their own holiday deadlines as they are able to offer quicker shipping methods easier than I can. For full details, check out my blog post about shipping deadlines.

10.16.14: Plushie Updates

This year, I started offering plushies at my table in various artist alleys and online through my Storenvy shop. They've been a huge hit. I also ran a successful Kickstarter in August to fund the manufacture of my Sweet Dreams Strawberry plush.

I received the strawberry plush prototype this month and it's even cuter in person! I can't wait to send it out to all the backers and put it up in the shops for sale. I have also started the process to get another plush manufactured. This one will be my Catpuccino design and will be a 12" plush. I just put down the payment for prototyping and should have pictures to share by Halloween. I'm really excited about this! My goal is to have three new, manufactured plush released for 2015 - Catpuccino, Cinnamon Bun and Fat Beet. If sales go really well this coming year, there may be even more plush!

I also just updated the gallery - finally! I know it's been long overdue. It's kind of ironic to be an artist with an art generated business and yet have such a sad little gallery. I guess it's like the plumber who's so busy fixing everyone else's issues they've got the clogged sink at home? Anyway, there's still a lot of work to do, but at least you can now get a better idea of the things that Kimchi Kawaii and Frosted Fleur de Lis offer.

10.02.14: 2014 Con Season Over & Storenvy Sale!

Nine months and eight anime cons later, the Kimchi Kawaii convention season has come to a close. Anime Weekend Atlanta was my last con and now it's time for some recharging of the batteries. I'm planning on taking a few days off here both from my full time job and Kimchi and then it's back to work.

To celebrate, I'm running a sale in the Storenvy shop. Now until October 31, 2014 you can take 15% off storewide when you enter code CONCLOSE at check out.

Once my break is over, I've got a lot of design and product ideas in mind that were sidelined due to con prep. Keep an eye out these next few months! I'm aiming to get the following items ready for the 2015 convention season which will start off with SacAnime.

  • Clear acrylic charms
  • More plushies!
  • Traditional media artwork through Frosted Fleur de Lis
  • Many more punny designs for Kimchi Kawaii

09.18.14: Important Announcement and Anime Weekend Atlanta

It's come to my attention that messages submitted to me via my Storenvy shop are not getting to me. Apparently, there is a glitch in their system and many shopkeepers have been affected by this for some time now.

I try to respond to customer emails within a 24 hour period so if you haven't heard from me and sent me a message through the Storenvy shop, it's highly likely that I never got the message. Please resend or direct all inquiries directly to my business email which is info(at)

Thank you! Apologies for the inconvenience.

Anime Weekend Atlanta is coming up next weekend and I'll be there in the artist alley at table H8. I've posted a map on the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page so you can find me.

09.11.14: Kickstarter A Success!

The Sweet Dreams Kickstarter was a success! We reached full funding on the very last day. What an adventure! Sincerest thank you's to everyone who helped out! We are now getting ready to send the funds to the manufacturer to start the final production process. If you were a backer, please check your inbox. Surveys are starting to go out for shipping addresses and reward options (for those who backed at the fleece hat level only). If all goes well, I should be able to ship these in December and will have them for the 2015 con season.

I'm winding down the 2014 season with one more con - Anime Weekend Atlanta. After that, it's time for a brief break and then I start off right after the new year with SacAnime's winter show. Other registrations are starting to open up, so keep an eye on the main page. I'll update as I confirm tables. Maybe I'll be coming to a city near you!

09.03.14: Kickstarter Final Week

The Sweet Dreams Kickstarter is in it's final week and we are 75% funded. I'm hoping to have these kawaii strawberry plush fully funded and in hand by December. Please help spread the word and pledge if you can! Additionally, if all goes well, I'll have them for the kick off of my 2015 con season which will start in January with SacAnime's winter show.

Speaking of SacAnime, just wrapped up the summer show and sales were awesome! The plush that I've started making were a big hit - especially the tiger buns and the steamed buns. I have one more con for this year - Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of this month and then it's time to work on pumping up the shops for the holiday shopping season. I also intend to use my con off season to develop a ton of new product for Kimchi Kawaii. I hope to start selling some of my fine art under the Frosted Fleur de Lis name and of course, there are going to be more cute plushies! I may have some limited edition ones as well.

07.09.14: Summer Anime Con Season

Hard to believe that Anime Expo has come and gone already. This summer is flying by so fast. I had a good time, but it's become clear that I am rapidly outgrowing one table with all the items I now offer. So, I went ahead and signed up for two tables for AX 2015. I'm already excited about being able to spread out next year.

The Storenvy shop is open again and back on the regular shipping schedule.

What's next? I am currently preparing for my first time at Otakon! I will have lots of new plushies and the usual abundance of kawaii artwork. After that, I will be at SacAnime to close out my August. Sadly, I have had to drop Japan Expo USA. I had a lot of fun last year, but with two other cons in August already confirmed, I knew it was going to be pretty rough to balance prep for everything. Hopefully, it will work out to attend in 2015.

06.26.14: It's Anime Con Time and Vacation for Storenvy

SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: The Storenvy shop is on vacation mode until I return from vacation and con. Yes, you read that right, I'm actually taking a vacation, lol! The shop will reopen on July 7th and will also go back to the usual shipping schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Anime Expo is just a week away! Come see me in the artist alley at G22. I've been working overtime to get plushies and other items ready to sell at my third Anime Expo. I'll be there all four days of the con.

06.17.14: Anime Expo and Plushies!

Anime Expo is only two weeks away! Where is the time going? Weren't we just there? Anyway, I'll be back in the artist alley at table G22 with lots of new, cute stuff. You'll be able to find the familiar kawaii and puns that Kimchi Kawaii has become known for. I am also working frantically to add my new plushies to the mix. They've been doing so well online that I'm actually having trouble keeping stock.

My first dealer's hall experience at FanimeCon was a success and I am already signed up for 2015. If you're interested in reading in depth about the experience, I've written up an entry in my blog (which is also a great place to find other anime con reviews from an artist standpoint and other bits of randomness).

Sadly, the Panda Bar Kickstarter failed to fully fund by our deadline of June 12, 2014. We gave it our best go and huge thanks to everyone who pledged and helped the project get up to 46% funded. As plushie manufacture is very expensive, I am putting the Pandas in cold storage as it were. Maybe we'll be able to fully produce them sometime in the future. I've definitely been taking notes about this first experience and hope to give it another shot in the late winter/early spring. This will give me time to close out my busy con season this summer and get through the equally busy holiday season. Stay tuned for details!

05.13.14: Panda Bar Kickstarter is LIVE!

I am excited to announce that the Panda Bar Kickstarter is now live! It's been a lot of hard work, but I finally got a campaign put together I'm happy with and I think people will enjoy as well. I even created a whole series of Ice Cream Bear designs, some of which are exclusive to the Panda Bar Kickstarter project. Yep, after this closes in 30 days, these designs will no longer be available!

In addition, FanimeCon is right around the corner. Is it really a week and a half til go time? I'm excited to try out my first ever dealer's booth. Yep, this year, you'll be able to find me in the dealer's hall, NOT the artist alley. Hope you'll stop by my booth. I'm going to be in the back at number 414. I'll even have the Panda Bar prototypes for you to examine in person!

04.27.14: FanimeCon and Kickstarter!

Anime Boston was totally awesome! I didn't get out of the Artist Alley much at all, but it was still such an incredible experience. Sales broke all previous artist alley sales records for me. Anime Boston is definitely a drop everything and go anime con for me.

Next big piece of news - I will be selling at FanimeCon, but the big BIG news is that I am making the jump to the dealers' hall for the first time ever. FanimeCon was my very first anime con that I attended. Later, it was my very first artist alley. It only makes sense that FanimeCon should be my very first dealers' hall experience! So if you are going to FanimeCon at the end of May, come see me in the dealers' hall! I'll be at booth 414.

I am also working on launching a Kickstarter campaign. I have been working with plushie manufacturer, Gann Memorials to develop my original design called Panda Bar. This is an ice cream sandwich panda bear that will be turned into a cute plushie. I'm aiming to fund the chocolate version and the strawberry one will be a stretch goal. I'm also creating some exclusive designs for the backer rewards. Launch time is going to be around May 10-15. Stay tuned! I'm super excited about this project.

03.17.14: Anime Boston!

Anime Boston is practically here! It feels like I've been planning for this one forever and now suddenly, it's right around the corner. Once again, time has flown since my last update. Things have been very busy here as I gear up for the main part of con season and work on new things for the shops.

I'll be in the Artist Alley, pro-row at this con. Come see me at table Q3, off the left as you enter the exhibit hall. Hope some of you can make it! This is my first time doing Anime Boston and I'm really excited. I'll be debuting my new plushies - have some cute eggplants that are looking for good homes. For those of you on the West Coast, you're not going to be left out. Anne of Green Gardens will also have a few at her first vendor's booth at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this same weekend. Yup, I'm debuting a new product on the same weekend at two different events on opposite ends of the country cause I'm crazy like that, lol!

In other con news, I got into Otakon! So there will be another visit to the other half of the country in late summer. I will also be selling at Anime Weekend Atlanta for a second year and SacAnime Summer. Whew!

1.27.14: Here We Go Again

I can't believe it's already the end of January and I'm already two cons into the 2014 season. Sorry once again for the lack of updates here, Kimchi Kawaii's season started off right after new year's with SacAnime and then three weeks later was Animation on Display (AOD) in their new location in Burlingame.

I'm now working on restocking product and brand new cute designs for the 2014 anime con season and the Kimchi Kawaii Storenvy shop. My next con will be Anime Boston which is really hard to believe!

My other news involves Frosted Fleur de Lis. Before Kimchi Kawaii, I had multiple years experience doing artwork with traditional media like colored pencils and acrylic. I often drew detailed fantasy pictures. I am going to be bringing that element of my art back. Soon you will be able to purchase some of my pieces through the Frosted Fleur de Lis Zazzle shop, the Storenvy shop and in person at the cons I'll be attending.

If you're interested in checking out some of the Frosted Fleur de Lis works in progress, like my Facebook page where I'm posting sketches and the like.

11.24.13: Gearing Up for 2014

Hello everyone! Things were a bit quiet here as I took a little break after my last con for 2013, Anime Weekend Atlanta. It was quite a whirlwind year for me as I jumped from doing 2 cons a year to 10! Anyway, took some time to catch up on sleep, do some work on the online shops which were neglected a bit during con season and got some new art done.

As Thanksgiving is almost here, I just want to say a big 'thank you' to all who've supported me through the years and to all who are just joining in here. It really does mean a lot that people enjoy my art enough to stay in touch or come see me at a con or buy something from the shop. I hope you will all stick around for further adventures with Kimchi Kawaii!

This year is coming to a close here and I'm already getting things lined up for the 2014 season which will start off with a bang for me right after new year's with SacAnime and Animation on Display (AOD). And then there's a short break and then off to Anime Boston where I'll be in the pro-row! Super excited about that one. As for the rest of the cons, still waiting for registrations to open up. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a table at Sakura Con which is sad as that was my favorite one from 2013. I'll keep posting here and on the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page as more cons are finalized for the 2014 schedule. It's gonna be another busy year!

09.17.13: Anime Weekend Atlanta and Red Bubble

Anime Weekend Atlanta is right around the corner which is hard to believe. I am very excited to sell at a con across the country from me! I'm hoping this will be the first of many cross country cons I do. I already have my eyes on Anime Boston in March. Closer to home, I'm already signed up for SacAnime in January. 2013 still has a few months left, but I'm already making my wish list for 2014. What cons would you like to see Kimchi Kawaii come to? Drop me an email with suggestions or write on my Facebook page wall! I'm trying to keep up on cons in the States, but I know there are more out there I'm missing.

In other shop news, due to popular demand, you can now find some Kimchi Kawaii designs up for sale on Red Bubble. You will find shirts like in the Zazzle shop, but the thing I'm really excited about are the one up die-cut stickers! Usually, you have to order a huge quantity of these, but at Red Bubble, you can order just one of a design and have your own fun Kimchi Kawaii design in a sticker form that is cut around the design vs. just being a square or circle. How cool is that?

09.01.13: Wrapping it Up for 2013

Japan Expo USA and SacAnime are both now done. It was a bit of a whirlwind there with the two back to back so I didn't get to update much here at all. I have one more con for the 2013 season which is Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of September and then I will be taking a much needed break and stocking the shops for the holiday shopping season. I also hope to get new artwork done so I have some fresh new puns for the 2014 con season.

The Storenvy will be updated and stocked very soon. If you are new here, maybe visiting from Japan Expo or SacAnime, I announce new product on the Facebook page so make sure to like that page and keep on top of all the happenings with Kimchi Kawaii!

07.31.13: Con Season Rolls On and Birthday Kimchi!

Anime Expo has come and gone. Thank you to all who came by my table and supported my little brand! August is almost here and it's going to be one busy month. I have two anime cons back to back so I'll be retreating back into my craft room to make things as fast as possible. If you're in the Santa Clara area, I'll be tabling at Japan Expo USA and then heading to Sacramento for SacAnime. I don't have my table locations yet, but I'll be posting to the Facebook page as soon as I know.

The really big news is Kimchi Kawaii is now 5 years old and for the month of August, we are going to celebrate! Check out my two giveaways with lots of very cute stuff on the Kimchi Kawaii Giveaway page and the Frosted Fleur de Lis Giveaway page. Enter one or enter both! And yes, it is open internationally! I am also working on some blog entries talking about the changes that have happened in these 5 years. I will post links once I get those done.

07.01.13:Storenvy Vacation, Anime Expo and Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Lots to report here! Storenvy is currently in maintenance mode (they don't have a vacation mode) as I'll be at Anime Expo for the next 5 days. Come see me at table B28 if you're attending! Shop will reopen once I've taken inventory which should be shortly after July 8th. Of course, the Zazzle shop is open 24/7 if you just can't wait to get your fix of kawaii. Speaking of Zazzle, check out the new layout! They recently launched their new site design and I got the shops looking all spiffy again (after much trial and error, ahem...).

Just got word that I'm off the wait list and will be selling at Anime Weekend Atlanta. I'm really excited about this as this will be my first time on the eastern half of the United States selling my stuff! Hope to meet more of you guys. I'll post the table location as soon as I get word.

Ok, time to get back to work. Still lots to get done before Anime Expo!

06.20.13:Art Fire Closing 6/28 and Con Crunch Time!

The Art Fire shop will be officially closing it's doors 6/28/13 as I have moved to Storenvy. You can find all my hand crafted goodies there like the cute acrylic accessories from Kimchi and the sweets related crafted items from Fleur. I'm still working on building up inventory in there, but right now all energy is focused on CON CRUNCH TIME!! Anime Expo in Los Angeles is coming around the corner rapidly. This is the largest con I do so I'm trying to be as prepared as I can for it. I will be selling at the Artist Alley at table B28. Hope to see you there!

05.29.13: Thank you and Welcome New Visitors!

Fanime Con has come and gone. Big thanks to all who dropped by for the first time or were repeat customers from previous years! Your support really means a lot to me and you guys helped me bring in my largest sales total to date for a con despite the less than desirable South Hall location. I hear we'll be back in the main building for 2014. Here's hoping! Anyway, am restocking and taking inventory. I have little over a month to prepare for my next con which is Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Hope to see you there! I don't have a table number yet. I got an email stating that should be coming out in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

By the way, if you want to read my thoughts on Fanime 2013 and the Artist Alley location, you can check out my Wordpress blog.

05.16.13: FanimeCon in Seven Days!

Artist Alley Map and Location! We're seven days to Fanime Con (where did the time go??) and I can finally provide a map and table number. I'll be at 103 in the Artist Alley. Please note, this year due to construction at the San Jose Convention Center, the Artist Alley is BEHIND the main building in the blue and white striped tent called South Hall. I know it's a little bit more of a walk, but it's worth it. There will be over 300 talented artists with their products for sale or taking commissions. Many items are one of a kind! So take a break from the Dealer's Hall and come see what's going on in Artist Alley. You won't be disappointed.

DAIcon has come and gone. I had a really fun time there and I think this con has promise. If you want to check out my review, you can see it on my Wordpress blog

04.23.13: IMPORTANT SHOP CHANGES: Storenvy Now Open and DAIcon

The Storenvy shop is open! I'm still putting items in, but there is a much more varied inventory up for sale now. I just got in a large order of acrylic and so some items that have been out for a while (like the star cookie hair clips) will be stocked very soon. I also have new designs in this batch that will also be added. Links on this site have been updated to take you to the Storenvy shop instead of Art Fire as I continue phasing that store out. In addition, if you are a Facebook fan, you can shop directly from there through my Storenvy kiosk that is posted on the Kimchi Kawaii and Frosted Fleur de Lis fan pages.

DAIcon is coming up Saturday, May 4th. I'm excited to sell at my alma mater, University of California, Davis. This will be its second year, but my first selling there. Drop by if you are in the Sacramento/Davis area! I'll be selling the full inventory of Kimchi Kawaii items in Freeborn Hall.

I can finally say that I am confirmed and paid up for Fanime Con in San Jose, California. That will be my next big anime con, followed by Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I am hard at work stocking inventory for both cons and can't wait!

04.04.13: IMPORTANT SHOP CHANGES and SakuraCon

I will be closing down the Art Fire shop in a few months. I'm aiming to have it all emptied out by May and have already started the process. I'm switching over to a shop with Storenvy which allows me to brand things more and doesn't have the fees. For now, I'm leaving the Shop link on the main page linked to Art Fire, but that will be updated once all products are loaded into the new shop. I'll also be doing my best to catch all the links to stuff like on Pinterest and in my FB pages. If you're eager to see what's over there in the Storenvy shop, you can check it out right now! There is very limited inventory, but I'm working hard at getting it up to full speed. I'll do a grand opening once that happens with a sale of some sort and probably a Facebook Giveaway.

To all visiting here from SakuraCon - Thank you for such an awesome weekend! I had such a great time there and will definitely be back for 2014. You guys helped make SakuraCon my most successful con to date!

I am currently working on filling up the rest of 2013 with more conventions. In addition to the ones listed on the main page, I'm looking into a few more out of state ones - A-Kon in Dallas, Texas; Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland; and Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia. Some of them just had registration and others I'm waiting to hear back on. I'll update the events list once I have more details. I'm also debating a few more California cons - Ani-Jam and Pacific Media Expo.

03.18.13: A Growing Experience

Does anyone here garden? Or wish they could garden? If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, drop by the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this weekend (March 20-24)! It's a really fun event with amazing display gardens set up indoors, demonstrations and vendors of everything from plants to garden related arts and crafts. If you've got questions about gardening in California's Central Valley, come visit my friend's booth, Anne of Green Gardens in the Fiesta Building at the San Mateo Event Center near the West Entrance. I'll be helping her out Friday through Sunday AND rumor has it that there are some cute Kimchi Kawaii style buttons being handed out.

In other news, the following weekend, I'll be flying up to Washington for Sakura-Con. I'll be posting a map with my Artist Alley location soon. I'll be at table 513.

03.05.13: Sakura-Con, Here I Come!

It's already March and that means I'm hitting crunch time to prepare for Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. Seriously, where is this year going? Anyway, I'm pretty excited as this will be my first out of state con. I'm hoping that it's the first of many. I'm already eyeing A-kon in Texas and definitely want to get out to an East Coast one as well. So things here will probably be a bit quiet as I work furiously to get a really good inventory full of lots of cute and kawaii to bring up to Washington. For those of you who can't make it, I will be putting the items that don't sell into my shop.

Which brings me to another bit of news - either in April or May, I will be shutting down the Art Fire shop permanently and shifting everything over to Store Envy. I think the latter will be a better fit for me. I am in the process of getting things set up there, but that's been put on hold a bit as I prepare for con. I'm definitely hoping to have it open by the time Fanime rolls around. I will be updating the shop link on here once that's open. There will also be announcements on the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook Page, here and on my deviantART account. Wouldn't want anyone to miss out! There maybe a sale and giveaway to celebrate the grand opening! Ok, back to work now!

02.04.13: Blog Link: Artist Alley Tips

I seem to see a lot of people asking what they should prepare for when doing a table at an anime con artist alley. Since a lot of anime cons are now opening registration for the upcoming con season, I thought it could be helpful to put together a list of what I've learned through scouring the internet and from personal experience. It turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it was going to be so here are the direct links to all three parts (warning: some are a bit TL:DR):

Anyway, in other news, I have updated the home page events to show confirmed events. SakuraCon, ASAHiCon and Kintoki are all locked in now (in addition to the other two I already had taken care of). I am in the process of bulking up my inventory with tons of cute and kawaii items to sell during my 2013 con season and online through my shop. I will be once again selling both kawaii related art and lolita themed sweets and crafts. I'm so excited for con season! It's like my mothership, anime cons, lol!

01.14.13: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

I'm never really one to make New Year's resolutions, they get broken too easily. I'm prefer to think of them as goals. For 2013, I'm going to really try to keep up better on updating this site. I know, that doesn't sound like much of a goal, but you are talking to the girl who has never been able to keep a successful diary.

I went ahead and updated the events page with all of the anime cons I'm attending or planning on attending for 2013. Details on whether or not they are confirmed are listed after the location. I will be updating that list as things pan out. Most of them do not even have their registration sites up yet! (Yes, Fanime Con, I'm looking at you, lol)!

The new, cute/kawaii acrylic pins are now listed in my Art Fire shop! I only have limited quantities so get them before they are all gone. In addition, now through January 27, 2013 I am running a sale on all Frosted Fleur de Lis necklaces. They are all 50% off when you enter code COOKIES at checkout. Why are they on sale? Ok, goofy reason, but a little bird told me it's Girl Scout Cookie Season and I love Girl Scout Cookies (it's a toss up between Thin Mints and the shortbreads), so I thought a little sale would be a fun way to celebrate. Hee hee. By the way, don't mention Girl Scout cookies and a desire to lose weight in one email, no one will take you seriously. And with that little tid bit, until next time!

01.10.13: Thank You, SacAnime!

To everyone who came by my table at SacAnime - huge thanks for helping make this con surpass my sales goal! This was my first time selling at SacAnime (I've only attended previous years) and I knew it was a smaller one than AX and Fanime which I sold at last year. So I really was not sure what to expect and based on sales at those larger, longer cons, I set myself a sales goal. By early Friday, I had already made back my table and helper fees. At the end of con, I tallied things up and found out that I had sold DOUBLE what I thought I would sell. I also got more response on Facebook than I have in past cons. Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised (which is putting it mildly). I will definitely be back and have already registered for the summer con which I hear is generally larger.

What's next? I sent off my registration packet to SakuraCon at the Seattle Convention Center, but as of writing, they have not confirmed if I have the table locked in for sure and I'm trying not to worry. I guess if I don't get in, I'll be stocked WAY ahead of time for Fanime and AX? I am also waiting for Fanime to post their new site for 2013. I'm also hoping to sell at two small cons - one at my old high school in Antioch, CA (ASAHIcon) and the other at my old college, University of California at Davis (DAICon). More to come as I confirm those dates. They are still relatively new cons and only for one day, but I just thought it would be fun to sell at my alma maters.

I got my new set of acrylic in (alas, too late for SacAnime) and will be posting new pins, charms and earrings to the Art Fire shop as soon as I can get them assembled and photographed. I also ordered larger pieces and will be selling acrylic pendants for necklaces. I have also started loading the Zazzle shop with some of the new designs I did over break. I know it's a bit early, but I put in my Mardi Gras design into the 'Holiday Fun' folder. Last year, I didn't get it done in time, so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it again this year. For those interested, Mardi Gras 2013 falls on February 12 this year. Why not make it a kawaii one?

So, that pretty much wraps it up for this update. Hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far!

01.02.13: Happy New Year and First Con of 2013

Hope everyone had a great holiday time! First off, if you are in the Sacramento area, I will be selling at SacAnime this coming weekend (Jan. 4-6) at the Sacramento Convention Center. I will be in the Artist Alley at table number AA37. Hope you can come see me! I'll have lots of goodies from Kimchi and Fleur, including some things you can't find in my shop. I put up a map to my table on my Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page.

In other news, I took the time off from work to do a bunch of new designs for Kimchi Kawaii and sketch out some fabric for Frosted Fleur de Lis. I'm slowly uploading them to the shops as I get time around con prep. 2012 was an exciting year for Kimchi. My brand continues to grow and I started selling in a few brick and mortar shops. Frosted Fleur items can be found at Fairy Tale Boutique in Los Angeles. Select Kimchi Kawaii designs are being sold on greeting cards in Hawaii in a store called Celebrations.

One of the most exciting changes this past year (and most noticeable) is the new! I started working with a web designer this past summer to overhaul my site. The old one had served its purpose well for the first four years, but with all the changes to my business - new shops, new sub brand in Fleur and general artwork style - I felt that it was time to update things. The new site was rolled out in early November. We are still testing and working out any little quirks that pop up here and there, but for the most part, the site is fully operational. And it's mobile friendly with formats for smart phones and tablets in addition to the desktop version. The next step is to build the crafts shop. Currently, I am selling through Art Fire, but in the next few months, I will be moving to a shop where I can better tie in the look to the whole Kimchi Kawaii brand.

Lots of things planned for 2013! I'm working to expand con attendance and hope to sell at more out of state cons. SakuraCon in Washington will be my first. I've got a lot of new design ideas for my Spoonflower shop and of course, many new Kimchi designs too. Stay tuned!

09.09.12: Changes on the Horizon!

Been working with my web designer for the web overhaul. I got to see a draft the other day and I'm really excited were this is heading. I think that we are aiming to have the new site live in October some time. Eventually, the Art Fire shop will close and I shall be selling my crafted items direct through here. In the meantime, I'm working furiously to get the Zazzle and Cafe Press shops updated with all the new items they made available to shopkeepers - lots of new device cases, housewares and even playing cards. It's a huge project for me since I have so many designs. I am probably slightly less than half done. My goal is to have both shops updated in time for the holiday shopping season. I am also working on my 2013 con schedule. Already have my table for AX. Looking into Animation on Display in San Francisco, Sakura Con in Washington, and possibly A-Kon in Texas. I'll update here and on Facebook and Twitter as I confirm these cons and any others I may not have listed. Until the new site launches, here are the quick links where you can find Kimchi Kawaii and Frosted Fleur de Lis:

07.06.12: Thank you and Welcome New Visitors from AX!

Had a great time at Anime Expo and want to say a big thank you to all who dropped by and bought something or said 'hi'. I made enough to start my website redesign! This site has served me well, but over the 4 years that I've had my brand, things have grown and changed so much that it's time to update things here and make it easier for people to find things. Until it goes live, here are some quick links to the various branches of Kimchi Kawaii and Frosted Fleur de Lis.

Frosted Fleur de Lis is my sister brand that covers my sweets related crafts (cupcakes, cake boxes) and lolita accessories and has it's own Facebook page

I have three shops - Cafe Press and Zazzle which are linked above and Art Fire shop(crafted items).

06.10.12: Miniature Garden Stuff: Where is it??

Had a note from Anne of Green Gardens that she gave out my card at a recent gardening class so wanted to clear up any confusion. :) If you are visiting and looking for the mini toadstools, beach items and teaset, I currently DON'T have any in my shops. This is something new that I've started doing so haven't really had a chance to build up inventory. I'm working on stuff for Anime Expo which is coming in three weeks, but if you are interested in some miniatures for your gardens, you can drop me an email at kimchi_kawaii(at) and we can talk what you want, prices, etc. Please keep in mind that I can't do any rush orders at this time.

In other news, I am selling at Anime Expo down in Los Angeles. Am frantically crafting away so I'll have a lot of inventory to sell. We don't have our table assignments yet, but stay tuned. I'll post it as soon as I know. Items that will be available:

  • Prints (something new I'm trying out)
  • Buttons - bringing lots of the Pho Real ones as I sold out kinda early at Fanime
  • Acrylic charms, earrings and hair clips
  • Plushie donuts and eggplant (weird combo, I know, but people seem to really like the eggplant)
  • Fake cupcakes and cake boxes
  • Lolita items: hair bow clips, necklaces, sweets deco rings, and hopefully mini top hats
  • Deco jars
  • Whew, I think that covers everything....

05.29.12: Thank you and Welcome New Visitors!

Just got back from a successful weekend selling at Fanime's Artist Alley. It was great to see new faces and repeat customers. I'll be doing a more detailed review once I get some sleep, but I just wanted to post some links for all the newcomers as I don't have my webpage redesign just yet. Hoping that sales from Anime Expo will cover a spiffy new page layout overhaul. Until then, here is my ghetto style list o' links.

'Like' me on Facebook (link above) where you can get the latest news as that is always up to date.

Frosted Fleur de Lis is my sister brand that covers my sweets related crafts (cupcakes, cake boxes) and lolita accessories and has it's own Facebook page

I have three shops - Cafe Press and Zazzle which are linked above and Art Fire shop(crafted items).

05.17.12: Fanime Coming Fast

Things have been pretty quiet on my pages as I get ready for Fanime and Anime Expo. I will be selling in the Artist Alley at Fanime in San Jose, CA for the second year. Come see me at table #37.

I will have acrylic charms, buttons and the fake cupcakes. Also, debuting this year will be felt plushies, lolita style jewelry and cake boxes. I am also running a giveaway on my Facebook fan page. Little less than one week left on that one. If you haven't liked my page yet and shared the contest photo, what are you waiting for? I will be selling at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA for the very first time a month later. We don't have table assignments yet, but as soon as I know, I'll be updating the FB page with a map and this page too.

03.12.12: Art Fire Shop Open!

It's finally happend! Last week, I launched my Art Fire shop. You can find Kimchi Kawaii designs on earrings, acrylic charms and soon plushies. In addition, there is a section for Frosted Fleur de Lis where you will find sweets themed gifts and accessories. It's a great place to look if you are especially interested in Japanese Lolita fashion. Current Frosted Fleur de Lis items are cookie necklaces and fake cupcakes. If you want to keep on top of updates and giveaways, become a fan on Facebook at either the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook page (link in box above) or Frosted Fleur de Lis.