Purrista Pawfee by Kimchi Kawaii

Images of Punny Buns characters. Cinnamon Bun, Bunjour, Peanut Bunny and Jelly, Melon Bun and Jackaloaf

Upcoming and Past Kickstarter Projects

Punny Buns 2 Plush

Punny Buns Cinnamon Bun Vector Image

In 2015, we successfully funded the first round of Punny Buns. Honey Bun, Hamburger Bun and Steamed Bun have been doing well and are popular at events we sell at. Now, we want to expand the Punny Buns family with new bunnies to love!

Cinnamon Bun will lead the pack and is our largest plush to date. It's perfect for hugging. We'll also be looking to you, the backers for input DURING the Kickstarter. As we fund each level, we'll be polling you to see what you want next! Stay tuned. This page will automatically redirect when the project is live.

Our target launch date is this March, 2017.

Want to see what the other project was like? The Punny Buns Kickstarter page is still up.

Purrista Pawfee 2 Plush

Purrista Pawfee Torta Shell and Mewcarons Plush Image

Due to popular demand, we launched our second Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter in September, 2016. Torta-shell led the campaign as the main project. Stretch goals were the other two Mewcarons, companions of the popular pink Mewcaron that funded earlier in 2016. All three successfully funded by October.

The plush are on their way from the factory as we speak. The Kickstarter itself is closed, but you can still pre-order any of the new plush through the Kimchi Kawaii Storenvy shop. Plush are expected to ship out by the end of January, 2017.

The Purrista Pawfee 2 Kickstarter page is still live if any would like to see further updates on the project.

Purrista Pawfee Plush

Purrista Pawfee Plush Image

Purrista Pawfee was our biggest Kickstarter to date and three plush fully funded by the January 25, 2016 deadline. Additionally, we were close enough to also open pre-orders for Biskitti to send it into production with the main batch. Later in spring, we were able to put DeCat into production from pre-orders.

All plush can be found through the Kimchi Kawaii Storenvy site.

The Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter page is still live for any who are curious about the project.

Punny Buns Plush for Sale

Punny Buns Plush Image

The Punny Buns Kickstarter successfully funded on May 4, 2015 after a wild ride for 34 days. Through backers like you, we were able to unlock not only one, but TWO stretch goals which included another plush. Hamburger Bun pulled through at the last minute!

If you missed the Kickstarter, but still want to order a Honey Bun, Hamburger Bun or Steamed Bun (the professionally manufactured version), it's not too late! Head over to the Storenvy shop to place your order.

The Punny Buns Kickstarter page is still live for any who are curious about this project.

Sweet Dreams Plush for Sale

Sweet Dreams Plush Image

I'm happy to say that as of September 9, 2014, the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter was successfully funded! The plush are now available in the Storenvy shop. I will also have them for sale at the anime conventions I attend.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped by pledging and/or sharing about my project. I could not have done it without you!